Monday, March 13, 2006

Steamed Oysters (Talaba)

I should be ashamed of myself. I was the host of LP 6 and I wasn't able to come up with my own post. I actually had something ready but I wasn't able to post it on time. Oh well, I wanted a dramatic entrance. Yeah right, so much for the excuses.

Here's mine. I steamed a few oysters for hubby's imported Tanduay. (On the side, if you guys are thinking about what to bring me for pasalubong, a 10 year old Tanduay would do. A 15 year old one would even be better. One bottle is fine. Unfortunately, we have efficient customs officers here so much so that when I brought in 2 bottles of the 10 year old export quality amounting to about $5.00, I paid import tax of about $45.00. An individual can only bring 1.2 liters of alcohol tax free and each bottle of the cherished rhum is .70 L).

I digressed but it's all in the fun of having to prepare pulutan right? I must say that this might be the easiest to prepare. Just steam the oysters for about 10 minutes, just enough for the shucks to open. Then serve with lemon juice. Ooops, save the juice. Sip it like you would with a coffee. Yummy!

Simple enough? I thought so. Just don't forget the Tanduay for me when you come visit me. The oysters will be on me.