Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Plums and Nectarines

Just a few more signs that summer is over on this other side of the world. Today, when I went to the store to buy some fruits, the apples, plums, peaches and nectarines dominated the stalls. I got a little curios of something new in the market, the dinosaur plum. Out of you may call it ignorance, I bought one to taste. And then I started to think how each of the other varieties compared as far as taste go.

I liked them all but I loved the dinosaur plums best. I prefer the nectarines over peaches as well but I want my nectarines firm, juicy and sweet. For the prune plums, I prefer them a bit over riped otherwise, I'd eat them as dried prunes instead. These are good laxatives. When I gave birth, i had dried prunes to ease me from all the hassles of you know what.

They don't stay very long in the market. Peaches especially get rotten easily. I also found out that the quality of peaches depend very much on the weather. The hotter the summer is, the sweeter they are. They could flood the market but that doesn't mean that they're sweet. I haven't any peaches yet this year. I had a bad experience last year when they were so grainy.


eye said...

dito naman sa atin ay lanzones at rambutan na ang nasa panahon ngayon, sana pag-uwi mo maabutan mo pa yung matatamis na variety :)

TaLhey said...

hi ms. ting! same here, i love crunchy and juicy nectarines, sarap! have a wonderful day :o!

Thess said...

I love nectarines as well..the juicy ones..oh la la!

hi Ms. Ting, have a good weekend!

Bokbok said...

cléms' favorite, nectarine!

i like the photo! nice shot!


ting-aling said...

Hi eye. Naku, hopefully. Kids have been looking forward to feasting on Philippine fruits.

Hi Talhey and Thess, you too, have a nice weekend.

Hi Bok. Reminds me of Clem's cheeks. Sarap pisilin.