Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Filipino Style Spaghetti

We went downtown one day purposely to eat at a well-known Filipino Restaurant. My kids are not racists. In fact they grew up in an environment where "multiculture" seems to be the most common heard word if you are talking about anything social. However, they could not help themselves from paying too much attention to this couple sitting in a corner eating rice and spaghetti. Well, the man was caucasian and the lady was of course a Filipino. "Rice and spaghetti, whoa, too much carbo" said my daughter. Funny how they thought about it.

Of course, the man probably could not complain. He was in a different territory, if you know what I mean. At the back of my mind was a different question, "is their spaghetti here sweet?". Filipinos are so fond of putting sugar to anything they cook. My kids could not remember it but once I mentioned to them about "Greenwich", they finally remembered that indeed, Greenwich' spaghetti was sweet. I tried reminding them about the Philippines one day and cooked this for them.


1/2 lb of ground pork
1/2 medium onion coarsely sliced
3 pcs of hotdogs, sliced
1 can of 225 ml tomato sauce
2 tbsp of white sugar
salt to taste
spaghetti noodles cooked according to packaging instruction
1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese

In a pan, brown ground pork. Add onions and cook until translucent. Add hotdogs and cook for about 2 minutes. Add the tomato sauce, sugar and salt. Cover pan and simmer for about 10 minutes on slow heat.

Serve noodles with sauce topped with cheese and garlic bread.


JMom said...

hehe! I just had pancit and rice :-) Filipinos are just carbo addicts :P

Tanggero said...

ka-miss ng spaghetti sa jollibee, puro maasim kasi spaghetti dito.

cathcath said...

ako nilalagyan ko pa ng ketchup UFC.

arevalos said...

my Mom puts some atsuete pa.. tomato sauce, tomato paste and ketchup

and... pineapple juice :)

and her spaghetti is always chunky...

and i already miss it... sniff...

and bad ka, now you made me want spaghetti :D said...

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marezone said...

Delicious! Mama does the hot dogs while I use italian sausage and brown sugar. Her comments every single time she eats my spaghetti, too spicy/sweet!

Thess said...

Hello Ting, bigla ko na miss ang Jollibee spag sa post mo :-)

Beng said...

Hmmm, I luv spaghetti with lots of grated cheese on top.

Mommy howdy?

schatzli said...

i tried this once and serve you to my swiss husband... WHAT SUGAR ON THE SAUCE hahaha... I put cinammon bark on my spagetti sauce!

TaLhey said...

hi miss ting!
this look so cheezzy and definitely yummy.
i miss my mom spaghetti, now i'm hungry hehehe;)
have a great weekend!!!

email me at: said...

HEY.. ANYBODY WHO KNOWS HOW to COOK FILIPINO SPAGHETTI A LA JOLLIBEE STYLE? That's my favorite filipino spaghetti.. email me @ or post it here. thanks!