Monday, April 11, 2005

Sauteed Vegetables with Ground Pork

My children once complained that they were getting tired of my usual vegetables with chili sauce and sesame oil. Tired and weary, I asked them to cut any vegetables of their choice and I was going to make something out of them. My son brought out the frozen peas and my daughter cut some potatoes, carrots, cabbage and green beans.

With the help of about half a lb. of ground pork, I made this dish. I seasoned it with fish sauce and voila! Sauteed Vegetables!!


grace said...

Hi Ting, am back from vacation, and check on the blogging world I've been out for a month.. got this healthy vegie of yours, reminds me to have more healthy menus as I am gaining WEIGHT out of vacation!!! Foods were just too sinful!!! I wish I could stick to vegies this time!!

Thess said...

And that's healthy!

hello ms. ting!!