Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lasang Pinoy Series

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Some of you are wondering what Lasang Pinoy is all about. So what is Lasang Pinoy? Lasang Pinoy is a monthly Pinoy food blogging event aiming to discuss about Pinoy food in general. Theme for the month will be decided upon by the blogger host. A theme could be about Pinoy food ingredients; memories or any pinoy-food-related item but not necessarily edible.

Each Pinoy Blogger will take turn in hosting such event, with a roundup of all the entries at the blogger host's site. It is open to all pinoys, even readers who are not bloggers, and bloggers who are not good in cooking but have definitely something to share about Pinoy food.

This event aims to create awareness that there are interesting Pinoy Food recipes on the net not just on published recipe books and TV shows. It also aims to promote Filipino cuisine internationally; to Filipinos who have been away from the Philippines, Filipinos who were born and raised in foreign countries and others who just want to learn the basics of Pinoy cooking.
Should you want to be a "host-for-the-month", please send your intents to and state your intended theme.

Here are the round-ups for your reading pleasure:

Lasang Pinoy 1- Launching on Ninoy Aquino Day ; My contribution

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