Monday, February 28, 2005

Katuray with Bagoong and Tomatoes

Pardon me but I do not know the English name of this vegetable (??). I just know that they come from well, not so tall trees. My parents-in-law grow this at their backyard and everytime I go home to the Philippines, I always have this for breakfast. Weird huh! Well, breakfast to them is between 10:00 and 12:00. Okay,'s brunch.
Nothing extra-ordinary in preparing this. I only make sure that I clean the flowers(??) first before I cook them in the pan with nothing but maybe about 1 tbsp of water. Not even. I only cook it for a short period of time making sure they don't shrink a lot. Once they're cooked, I mix about 1/2 of sliced tomatoes, about 1 tsp of sliced red onion, 1/2 tsp of bagoong sauce and 1 tsp of calamansi.
They say that it's good in bringing down your blood pressure if you have a hypertension, but with the bagoong, I am actually wondering how. You can't skip adding bagoong. Believe me, it's not as good without it.


grace said...

Hi Ting.. looks healthy and sounds tasty with the bagoong.. but shame on me, i dont know what is katuray...:-(

schatzli said...

katuray? never heard of such! took my husband to the asian store, he saw the KALAMANSI, he went crazy.. he actually said KHAAA LAHH MANHHH SAYYY. Mango was 16$ a kilo, expensive isnt it buy I just let him have that!

JMom said...

Ting! Wherever did you find that "katuday nga agkiddakidday"? (he!he! remember the song?) My lola used to fix this all the time, but I haven't had it in years! Do they import it now?

ting-aling said...

Hey Grace, it must be just an ilocos region product. If you read JMom's comment, this actually has a song in Ilocano. I am not sure if they have this in the Southern Part of the Philippines.

Hi Schatzli, oh yes, even my kids say it that way. I get irritated sometimes because I say it properly and they can't. With your husband, it's alright because I mean, he's not a Filipino.

JMom, of course I remember that song. They are actually imported from Hawaii. They are expensive but I always tell myself that I can't eat my money..haha.

SiaoChaBoa said...

I miss having vegies everyday.. like i used too.. and i'm too lazy to cook them.. just for one person.. :(
I can't wait for Chloe to be able to eat real food.. that way.. i can share vegies with her.. ;)

SiaoChaBoa said...
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schatzli said...

Oh I went to see my Ilokano friends and the first thing I said KATURAY... they were speechless!
dami ko ilokana friends dito no?
sige agawid nakom.

Beng said...

Hello Mommy, haven't heard of that Katuray veggie before but looks delicious (for breakfast?). Well, pwede rin bang at anytime? hihihihi. Re breakfast at 10:00, it's not new to me dahil kagagaling ko lang sa atin and my parents are ganyan din. Kaya nga ako lumubo eh. I even asked them if hindi pa sila nagsawa ka kakain. Me and my family use to eat warm meal once a day lang.

joel said...

mayat latta no dimo ammo ti ingles ti katuday. let katuday be called katuday too, in english. patienda idiay Ilocos a nasayaat a pangkontrol iti alta presion.

kitaem man 'diay katuday
bunganat' kumiddakidday
bulongna metten tay' simmagaysay.

idi ubingak pay lang a bassit
intaraynak daydi ansisit
isu met nga innak nasirip
manang ting aling a kumuditkudit

ala, manang, aglutoka latta ta padiguannakaminto.

ting-aling said...

haha, Joel, mayat, mayat. You reminded me of that song dearly.

So you are from Banna. My lola had relatives coming from Banna.

joel said...

Adda magasinmi, manang, RIMAT ti naganna. No dadduma, ipaaymo kad a pabor ta gumaokam ita potahem no dadduma ta idasarmi kadagiti readersmi. Sagpaminsan met lang, a. Pannakapadigom metten kadagiti padam nga Ilokano.

larz said...

hi... katuray is very's good for bringing down your blood pleasure..other way of cooking katuray...... in "sinigang na hipon or fish (tilapia) put katuray as a vegitable instead of kangkong or radish. It's delicious.... wow kainan na...