Tuesday, July 26, 2005

French Version of World Class Cuiscene

How cool is this? My blog can be read in French. Now this truly makes my blog a world-class one.... (wink, wink). Have you got one? Don't ask me how..I discovered it by accident. Please don't leave comments in French or I'll close shop (LOL).

Oh, I now know. Most of my readers are referred by google. I get about 200 searches a day from google including searches in Spanish and French. 'about time I start learning how to speak in French huh?


Ardythe said...

I go to Alliance Fran├žaise de Manille. It is a very good school and they are international too. Try searching alliance francaise.

Ardythe said...

Tres bien. LOL.

ting-aling said...

Ah Ardythe, unfortunately, I don't speak French. My kids do and if they want to say something that they don't want me and my husband to know, they say it in French. Thanks for the tip though.

Ardythe said...

Ah bad children. hahaha.

Tres bien means very good.