Friday, July 29, 2005

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Karen is jumpstarting Lasang Pinoy in an effort to promote Filipino Cuisine around the world. Hey, you don't need to be a food blogger to join. Here are the quidelines. (The idea was Karen's and Stef's, but the title "lasang pinoy" was mine..*wink..wink*). Of course before the inception of this project, it was a series of discussions among Filipino foodbloggers like JMom, Celiak, Stel, Thess, Ajay, and many more..tumatanda na ako)

Food embodies the culture from which it developed. To know a culture, one can start with food. The past year has seen the food blogging community grow tremendously. Each month, I look forward to the Is My Blog Burning? events which reveal some facets of other cultures through their food and eating habits. The sub-events have grown in number, with themes based on ingredients, aesthetics or culture.

A lighthearted discussion of the above, among others, between Filipino food bloggers has kindled the desire for Filipino food to make its mark on the world culinary map. Thus was born Lasang Pinoy, which could mean it "tastes of something Filipino" or short for "the Filipino taste". Launching Lasang Pinoy on Ninoy Aquino Day

The year 1983 was a turning point for the Philippines. On the 21st of August was the culmination of a man's fight to gain his country's freedom. The day Sen. Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr. died, Filipinos everywhere were at last emboldened to find their voice to break from the shackles of fear. Ninoy joins the ranks of our greatest heroes in giving us the legacy of our freedom. On his 22nd death anniversary, we celebrate his heroism and dedication to the Filipino nation. In him we have a modern-day hero whose self-sacrifice is worth emulating especially during these days of instability.

For their part, Filipino food bloggers the world over will launch on Ninoy Aquino Day the first Lasang Pinoy Food Blogging Event which aims to bring attention to Filipino food. Just like how Ninoy had much faith in the Filipino, enough to die for us, we are proud to be Filipinos.

All Filipino food bloggers are highly-encouraged to join the event, be they in the country or abroad. Non-food bloggers of Filipino ancestry are also invited; no matter how many generations they have been out of the country or who have never been to the Philippines but still identify themselves as Filipino (or part Filipino, married or related to Filipinos). Entries from other Filipino food and culture enthusiasts are very much welcome. Non-bloggers may also join as long as their entries are hosted in any blog.

Entries should be about food the participant associates with the years (1982-1986) immediately before and after 1983. It could be about food Ninoy ate in prison, family dinners while watching President Marcos on TV or listening to Radio Veritas, food eaten during blackouts or in rallies and the like. (This applies to anyone on either side of the political fence in those days.)

However, for participants who were away from the country at that time, or too young to remember 1983, entries can be about any food they associate with the Philippines or Filipinos and what makes them proud to be one. Tell us what your parents say about Ninoy and his times. Creativity is highly encouraged.

For those who identify themselves as Filipino but believe they do not know what Filipino food is, thoughts on this issue are highly encouraged to be written about. The Filipino is still on a quest to find his/her identity, food included.

Entries have to be posted on or before 18 August 2005 (your own timezone) and the round-up will be posted online by 21 August, Philippine timezone. This announcement may be completely posted on any blog or forum. It would be very interesting to read a blogger discuss the topic with his or her regular readers. However, permalinks of the entries should be e-mailed to with the blogger's country of location. Bloggers who post this announcement are also kindly requested for an e-mail for coordination purposes.


Karen said...

Ting, kalabaw lang ang tumatanda! Hahaha!

Hopefully, we generate enough interest to make this a regular event, 'no? :-)

ajay said...

more power to us on this project, ting! cheers! este tagay na..hehe

ting-aling said...

I am sure Karen that this will be a success. with you behind ba naman?

O ano Ajay, me coverage ba tayo? Just kidding, just kidding. You were actually instrumental in making this a success.

schatzli said...

ting i will accuse of getting old u didnt include me

ting-aling said...

oopppsie, sorry Sha..sabi ko na nga ba I forgot to include some. Meron pa yata akong nalimutan, let me know.

Lani said...

I would love to participate although ang blog entry ko sa blogspot ay hindi ko gaanong naa-update. My url is Please email me on how can I permalink my entry at Sorry ha at may pagka-syonga pa ako sa mga ganitong bagay.

I always visit your blogsite, Ting. Lagi akong ginugutom at iyan din ang reason kaya ng open ako ng entry dito sa blogspot kasi nga di allowed ang anonymous comments sa blog mo.

Sarap talagang maging pinoy at sarap kumain, he,he,he.


ting-aling said...

Hi Lani, thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for coming back every now and then. Actually, boba rin ako sa permalink but I will ask around how it works. Wala akong time to learn all this. Busy, busy, busy.

Karen said...

Sinagutan ko na po si Lani sa e-mail niya at naka-cc si Ting pero para sa ibang bumabasa, walang URL ang Lasang Pinoy, sabihin lang sa na may entry na kayo, kasama ng blog URL. Puede na!