Sunday, July 24, 2005

My husband had a sunny birthday party!

Yes, I finally was able to get a day off this weekend from my normal day off anyway. I have been trying to keep my head above the water for quite sometime. This summer was unusually busy for me at work. In prior years, summer was slack and work starts to come only in fall, just as the rain starts pouring too until the end of well, springtime.

Friday was hubby's birthday. I planned and promised myself I will take a break on Saturday and spend the day at the beach with my family. .. and so we did. Came Saturday. It looked like a storm was about to run amuk. I felt good because I had to go to the office to rush something for my boss for a Monday deadline. As soon as I was done, the sun shone.

Of course my daughter was a big help to me. She had all the marinated meat in the cooler, the goods she baked for her dad on Friday and all the picnic stuff we had to tow. We had to be early to be able to get parking and to get our bestest spot. Hey, enjoy the rest of my story, will you?

Notice my stove? It's a one piece metal that replaced my clay stove from the Philippines. It's quite a neat project my hubby made for me. Everytime I go home to the Philippines, i always bring a stove made of clay back with me. They don't last very long though and they break. Hubby had a chance to make a project and he never had to think twice. This is so handy in campings and picnics. The barbecued pork was what I meant to call your attention to though.

I prepared a few vegetable kebabs..were they ever sweet and juicy?

The inihaw na baboy waiting for us to enjoy. Greek Salad was waiting to be served and so was the rice while waiting for the chicken wings to get cooked. What is a birthday party without a birthday song? All four of us sang the happy birthday song to my husband's chagrin..what with all the people around?

Daughter and I had a very relaxing afternoon lying under the sun reading our books. Intriguing books.

...while he was enjoying a nap! nooootttttt...

and then the boys got bored and thought of a funny idea. Let's hit the cruiseship! Just kidding! Okey, let's see how good marksmen we are! It will be quite a challenge since the cruiseship is quite a distance from our beloved spot. The final decision was to hit the things on top of the log..hehe, they're only a yard away..

so he decided to go pick up some rocks..

for this much needed ammunition..

Ready, aim fire...(there's our treasured uninvaded far..i felt like we were constestants from the reality show Survivor..what with how colorful our Mexican blankets were..)

.......before we called it a night!

Now, if life was like this..we wouldn't need a visa card (Visa ought to pay me for this)!

On second thought..maybe not..


stefoodie said...

wow, nice outing you had there! kakainggit! which body of water is that exactly?

ting-aling said...

Stef, Pacific Ocean..cruisehip was enroute to Alaska..droooollll!!!

bugsybee said...

Nothing beats quality time with the family. Am happy for you, Ting.

ting-aling said...

'ain't got no wealth but my family bugsybee so I gotta take care of it. Different folks, different strokes they say but I 'ain't going to exchange my family for money! (**please add a little western accent to it, if you may**)

cathcath said...

gaganda ng mga kuko. hehehe hapi bersdey sa husband mo.

watson said...

Hello Ting! Kakaiba talaga kapag stories told with photos. How I would love to get out and spend the day in the great outdoors too! Belated Happy Birthday to your husband too!

ting-aling said...

Cathy and Watson..makakarating...

Watson..malapit ka na ring magkaroon ng isasama sa beach na mga bata. For now, maghele-hele ka muna kay Jo-Lo

Toni said...

How relaxing!!! Belated happy birthday to your husband!

ting-aling said...

Hi Toni..will tell him unless nabasa na niya 'to