Thursday, July 07, 2005

Starbucks Coffee

So what's you favorite at Starbucks Coffee? Mine is black regular coffee. Plain, no nothing. Hubby's has a sachet of brown sugar and usually a bit of half and half.

Daughter ordered Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

Son had Java Chip Frap. Well, when we had this, he went for Java Chip but normally, he will have Caramel Macchiato.

Uhmm, all I can say is Starbucks' beans are burnt and they do this intentionally. As with the Frappuccinos, I find them both rich. My boss usually orders mistoe (I don't even know if I spelled the name right..oh well. You can order special coffees or frappuccinos with low fat in them as long as you say it in advance.

These pictures are sentimental to me. Not that we do not go to Starbucks very often. I took these pictures when an important occasion just before the schoolyear ended this year. I opted to keep the reason to myself and a few. If you're one of the few, cheers! Cheers to those who don't too! I was a happy momma. Now you know.


dexiejane said...

I'm partial to caramel macchiato also :)

watson said...

I usually order tall cold mocca frap. They had an orange frap before, and we tried that. We called it orange crappuccino ever since :-). Good thing they took it out of the list.

ting-aling said...

Dexie, Caramel Macchiato is too rich..but I like it too.

Watson, crappuccino, haha, that's something new I learned from you.