Saturday, December 25, 2004

Noche Buena

Yes, this was a table for four. Well, actually for five. My friend who is also on his own this Christmas, away from his family brought his presents for my kids. The instant invite. He had a couple of sip and decided to take my kids to the movies while me and my husband did some errands before our "Noche Buena". When we got back, apparently he decided to go home. Quite a damper for a moment but maybe, he really wanted to leave us alone or maybe he wanted to spend the eve on his own. Anyhow, we had fun.
To non-Filipinos, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve with lots of foodn and booze. We call it the Noche Buena. I must say Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas day itself. My office mates and I compared notes and I found out that in North America, Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Day itself. For us, gifts are opened on Christmas Eve.


cathcath said...

fruit salad..yumyumyum

ting-aling said...

Typical Filipino ha?

SiaoChaBoa said...

Food looks yum yum..!! and i am used to celebrating x'mas on the eve too.. but ever since i came to canada.. we have it on xmas day.. at my in laws... :) but they are great.. so no complains.. :)