Monday, May 23, 2005

It's my turn at Blogkadahan

Okey, today's my turn at Blogkadahan. Remember about my invitation in March?

For some who do not know what Blogkadahan is, it's a group of eager, happy bloggers but not necessarily famous ones. It was initially a group of bloggers who in one way or another shared similar interests in various ways and points. Eventually, the group has grown and a brilliant idea of making it into a mega-blog was hatched. Because of its rapid growth, the group put a halt into accepting more members with the idea of managing the small group first and eventually grow again. When? I have no idea but logistics are being put into place now.

The group did not mean to leave others out. In fact it welcomes the idea of others to form their own groups. We are aware that a lot of our readers have expressed interest in joining us. Hey, there might be some light to your wish one day. Everyone is always welcome to say something there.

A reader e-mailed me to write in English so he can understand what I was saying. Mark, I will with our next topic but I am a little bit pickled on this....the next topic deserves to be written in our mother tongue.

Remember..come and visit me at Blogkadahan and when you do, don't forget to leave a trace.


Atinna said...

Hello Ms. Ting-aLing, thank you for the dalaw; can't wait to eat those lobsters! Pwede rin bang mag-uwi pag may natira? See you at Stel's!!

Beng said...

Mommy Ting,

"In fact it welcomes the idea of others to form their own groups." Truelilie talaga ito mader? Nagkaroon tuloy ako ng ideya na magbuo ng grupo.
I'm just afraid na baka may magagalit at sabihing gaya-gaya puto maya kami :)

Mec said...

BENG... ay syempre sasabat ever ako diba? better talaga for you guys to form your own group (if you want, you can invite some of us din... not because kami ang promotor, pero in case meron kayo tipis i-invite samin, friend or favorite blogger) kasi ang hirap din mag-manage ever ng group... kami ngang 33, 3 ang main police namin kasi syempre hirap to coordinate...we'd encourage you to limit din to around the same number (though that will depend sa gimik)

i heard magkakaron ata (or meron na) ng sumang latik challenge... weekly posts ata on the same subject by a lot of people... challenge the creative juices kumbaga... cute diba?

basta the thing is... make sure you can manage the group... and make sure you can blend in with everyone in the group... kaya din feel free to invite only the people who you know you'd click with :)

nde pagiging elitista yun... that's being practical lang :)

Beng said...

Hello Mec,

I do understand what you mean. Choosing members doesn't mean to isolate others or like you said hindi sa pagiging elitista. But to maintain the harmony and unity di ba? I experienced leading a Filipino Association before here in our area. We started with 8 members, then dahil gustong maki join ng iba at nagsimula na silang magtampo. I gave in. Which turned out a big mistake dahil nagsimula na ang inggitan, intriga at iba pa. Masakit sa ulo. Kaya mas mabuti talaga na limited ang number ng members dahil it's easier to manage.

If you don't mind...hihingi ako sa iyo later ng tips and advice. I have to talk to some of my close friends around para pag-usapan ito. Once we are settled we will invite some of you.

Balak ko rin later na mag lagay sa sidebar ng "partner site links". I find it necessary to let everyone know we are not competing but partners. At hindi kami nakikigaya but we are encouraged to form a new group. I have to think one step ahead para maiwasan ang conflict. Dahil yan ang ayaw na ayaw ko.

Thank you so much for your advice :)

Shai said...

Hi Ting!

'Just wanted to say thanks for the nice comment you left on Ajay's blog about me and my work. It made my day. :-)

By the way, your food blog is looking great. Congrats! I hope to be able to check it out again.

Sari-Sari Winkel said...

Hello Ting-Aling, just catching up on my blog reads. I have been out for awhile. Nice new template you have here. Since I just renovated my kitchen, perhaps it is time to check some new recipes again, para sulit ang gastos. Sige, sisilip muna ako sa blogkadahan mo :-)

ting-aling said...

Hi Mommy Beng,

'will email you about some helpful details..

mec, that was helpful.

ting-aling said...

Hi Shai,

What an honor to be visited by someone like you. Thanks for the visit.

ting-aling said...

Hi Sari..nice to see you back.

ting-aling said...

Hey Atinna Baby..basta may maiwan, balot away..

bing said...

hi ting, your blog looks more yummy, now. i was here once, natrip-an ang isang recipe and until now di pa nagkaroon ng time iluto.. but then there will be time for it.. hmmm... nam nam talaga ang mga nasa blog mo!

ting-aling said...

Hi Juliet. Thanks for the visit.

santi said...

Hi "Ate" Ting,
Ang tagal ko ring absent at ang dami ko na palang na-miss. I hope I can blog again as much as I can. Kakaingit ang grupo nyo, genuine ang bonding parang chemical reaction ng mga "nice people" na bigla na lang nag-implode.
Regards and always take care.

ting-aling said...

Hey Kuya Santi, you're back. Sana kasama ka rin sa blogkadahan. Ikaw eh. Kung saan saan ka naman nagtago, di ka na namin mahanapan.

santi said...

Sana nga noh? Di naman ako nagtago naging busy lang. I hope I can find more time blogging again.