Saturday, May 14, 2005


I know I shouldn't be blogging about this now. It's way too late. Well, you see my daughter turned 16 a month ago. I am a sucker for milestones. I celebrate every milestone. I invited 10 of her friends. I had to be careful because her group was a mixture of all races and they all observed different religious practices. One girl does not eat beef while another one does not eat pork.

Spring just sprung when we two were deciding. I had thought of bringing the girls bowling and drive them to a pizza house afterwards. My daughter thought it was gay, nevertheless she went with me to the bowling alley to take a look. She had to be careful. Not all her friends were invited and she didn't want to hurt the feelings of the rest she did not invite. She wanted it to be an intimate one. She's been invited to other "16th birthdays" lately. Afterall, all her friends are turning 16 one way or another this year. The bowling idea did not make it to the top of her list. Instead my other suggestion of having it at a Greek Restaurant was a hit.

Just before the Hors D' Oeuvres were served, the girls thought of singing her a "happy birthday" song. My husband, my son and myself were a little embarrased. What with the crowd watching us? Mind you, the restaurant was quite busy and almost all the tables were taken. We were set up right in the middle but it was quite a huge group. Guess what? The crowd clapped for her after they sang. And then the picture taking followed. Man, you could tell these girls came prepared. We were like in a photo shop.

Oh, and did I tell you the girls asked for seconds? the pita bread was just so good and the restaurant's tzatziki and hummous were the best I've ever had so far. The girls were so full even before the main course was served. As if they haven't caused me enough embarrassment, the girls wanted my daughter to open her gifts. And so she did. Oh, it was such a riot. Some of the girls said it was their first time to go to a Greek Restaurant.

They decided to go and take some sunset pictures after dinner. It didn't take them long. It was so windy that night and something funny happened..they are ran out of battery for their cameras.

Well, how about Starbucks? I took them to a chocolate house instead and we were lucky enough that a band was playing that night.
Now my children are growing and already are starting to drift away from us. Their activities seem to consume all the time I used to enjoy having dinner with them. I'd be very glad if we all sat down together for 3 dinners a week now.


schatzli said...

hi ting aling!! the greeks clap a lot on birthdays!! well i could have given you the greek birthday song!
yummy meze am good at this ;-)

hope you are well, yasou

ting-aling said...

Hi schatzli. Of course, how could I forget? They're famous for their umpah, right?

SiaoChaBoa said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate the birthday .. Ting... :)

JMom said...

Hi Ting! Belated happy birthday to your beautiful young lady! Sounds like she had a wonderful celebration!

ting-aling said...

Hi Mrs. T. I told you I am a sucker.

JMom, I must admit that everyone had fun except for my husband and son. They were the only thorns in a group of 14.

Ardythe said...

Some restaurants give gifts to the birthday celebrator although the customers did not tell them. Just when they hear the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and it is spoken with truth. ÜÜÜ

anna said...

ting, eyes were brimming with tears reading this post. you are the kind of mom i want to be (if ever god will grant me a kid other than matilda!) you are soooo cool! do you know the song "wind beneath my wings"? whenever i hear that i feel my mom's sacrifice s for me to be where i am right now. i'm sure your daughter feels the same way too! she is very lucky to have you! have agreat day, ting! hugs!

ting-aling said...

Ardythe, unfortunately that doesn't happen here. I remember they did that at Pizza Hut when my family went out for pizza last year. My sister-in-law and I pretended it was somebody's birthday because we were creating so much commotion. Pizza Hut people came to us and offered to sing for the celebrant. They even gave us a cake...hahaha

ting-aling said...

Mommy Anna, I am sure you will be. Sabi nila, kung ano yung kinalakihan mo, magiging ganoon ka rin.

Yeah, my daughter's friends thought na spoiled daw siya. Hindi naman. I just wanted her to remember the time she turned 16.

Sure thing though, I can be "wind beneath my kids' wings" until they need my help, until they're ready to fly on their own. Why not di ba?

drstel said...

mommy ting, ako rin, like annibanani, naluha sa ending of the birthday story...kasi 16 na rin panganay ko, and my dotir is 10 going on 20...mahilig din silang mag comment niyang "that's so gay" hahaha. nacocornyhan sa akin heehee.
parents who've been through it tell us, that we should just "stick around" and they will come back to us....*singhot*
what a great idea for the young women!

ting-aling said...

Drstel, 'didn't know you have a 16 y/o already. Akala ko dalawang bulilits pa lang..

But yes, I'd like to make memories for them to treasure when they grow older para naman they will also learn to be compassionate sa mga anak nila pagdating ng araw..