Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yellow Tail Merlot

Lookin' for a good wine? My husband is not a "tomador" but he can down a bottle of wine in a jiffy. Not quite true. He does drink occasionally. He is fuzzy when it comes to wines and hard drinks. Whever we go out for fine dining, he tries to observe what good restaurants serve. Usually, he thinks that good restaurants do their homework of finding good wines to compliment what they serve. It does makes sense, doesn't it?

Anyway, during my daughter's sixteenth birthday, he discovered this merlot called Yellow Tail imported from Australia. The cost of a glass was half of what you had to pay for when you buy a bottle of this from the liqour store. Think about how many glasses there would be in a glass.

My husband has become wiser. The other night, he bought steaks and a bottle of wine and we had fine dining at home. How's that for indulgence?


Beng said...

mutti dear,

merlot is one of my favorite :)

Sari-Sari Winkel said...

Ting-Aling, my husband is also crazy about wines, and this used to be part of his dinner ritual until I convinced him to reduce his intake. It is definitely worth buying and selecting your own wines than ordering from the restaurants.

ting-aling said...

Ummppp....another "lasengga"? mutti? Oh no..hehe

Sari..I can never order wine from a restaurant. Oh, the prices are just exorbitant! Thanks but no thanks. I'd buy it from the liqour store.

Beng said...

ay ala eh...mutti naman...sociably laang ah :)

schatzli said...

hahaha can I join the boat... just opened 2 bottles tonight no we didnt buy them but we won them at a tombola at the swiss embassy donated by the finest wine store here in athens

but yesterday we have local caraffe wine just from the barrel