Monday, August 01, 2005

Another fun weekend!

(Our tents under the trees)

My family just came back from a much needed R & R. It was a picnic/camping with some friends a few hours drive from the border. Phew, tomorrow's gonna be back to normal again. Im re-energized. The place reminded me so much of Baguio City and Camp John Hay. After all, this is also a US military recreational facility like Camp John Hay. The area was so massive, really huge!
Food was overflowing! This is the pinikpikan with a lot of Chayotes and Pechay in it.

..and remember my post about this? Notwithstanding the technology that the US has these days, we kept our tradition of preparing our food the Igorot way.

Just before dinner, we had a few games, the most popular of which is the "Tug of War".

...beyond the horizon just after sunset. What's your interpretation of the cloud formation?


ladycharlie said...

looks like the eurostar to me!

dexiejane said...

it looks like lips to me :)

Bokbok said...

Oh, that was a sweaty weekend!

Sayang, can't enlarge the photos, yan tuloy, the cloud formation ... I couldn't make it out. Death Eaters' mark? hehe, kidding...

How've you been, well apart from having an energetic weekend?


Toni said...

It looked like an angel sitting down!

bugsybee said...

Hi Ting
It's good to see that even when you're there, you still follow the traditional way of cooking certain food.

As for the cloud formation, kakahiya ang interpretation ko but I took one long look... it looked like a helicopter to me? Masyadong un-romantic!

eye said...

tuwing may fiesta sa Benguet/Ifugao at may invitational climbs, ganito pa rin magluto ang locals ngayon :)

ting-aling said...

ladycharlie, I had to make it look like a eurostar pero hindi ko ma form yung image na yon. Thanks for sharing about what you think.

dexie..lips, puwede, puwede

Bok..death eater's mark..nyahaha..I am okey. Sabi ng client ko, she thinks that I am in a state of "calm before a storm" but I thought otherwise..I think the storm is over and I am finally enjoying summer.

ting-aling said...

toni, babalik-balikan ko to form an angel..

bugsy..oo that's how they want to do it to preserve their heritage daw..

Yeah, I saw it as an airplane or helicopter too..di pareho tayong unromantic?

Eye, I am sure you've been to a lot of these gatherings, so you know what I am talking about.

watson said...

Hello Ting! I think the top part of the wispy clouds looks like a shark to me.

The first time I had pinikpikan was back in second year high school. We got invited to a friend's birthday party. His Dad is Chinese, and his mother is Igorot. They served us pinikpikan. Although I was brought up in Baguio, we had a fairly Tagalog home. I thought pinikpikan was for pulutan only, and I was not an alcohol drinker at that time. Masarap rin pala sya. Kakaiba!

*sigh* How I would love to go on a camping trip!

ting-aling said...

Shark? You scare me..hehehe.

You see, ang daming lumaki sa Baguio na akala pulutan lang ang pinikpikan. Sa mines kasi, it was a common occurence na pag may nag-iinuman, nagluluto sila ng pinikpikan. Where I am though, they put more respect to it (haha. Masarap talaga depende sa nagluluto). Minsan kasi, lalo na pag lasing sila, they don't bother cleaning the chicken right na.

Camping?..someday, someday, paglaki ni Jolo.