Saturday, August 20, 2005


(Our bulgogi about to be cooked and ready for our prying eyes)

I finally got what i had been wishing for for the longest time. A Korean cast iron "grill" (I will have to wait for Ms. Anna Banana to tell me what they're called in Korea) that I can just put on top of a stove. It's not grilling because I put water around the "ring plate" to keep the meat from drying(that's what I think the purpose is). It's not grilling the meat the way you do with a barbecue either. Anyhow, I'm happy I finally found one for a reasonable price.

On the day I had this, I right away made my first proper bulgogi. Not that I haven't done one before but I cooked it in a pan.
Paper thin sliced beef with lotsa onions, mushrooms and green onions. I used a garlic marinade, naturally with lotsa finely chopped garlic. I used a lot of mirin, about 1/4 cup, 1/4 cup of teriyaki soy sauce and I can't remember if I added ground pepper. I always want my bulgogi sweet.

If you have a portable stove, it's great but I used my realible element for now('gotta get one of those too, depending on hubby--he pays the bill you know).

You have to be very careful to start cooking it just before dinner. You want it hot and right off the cast iron when having this because it doesn't taste as good once it's cold. It's a good way of imrpoving group dynamics in your family. Your patience is tested while waiting for the meat to cook or keeping your temper from boiling when there's only a few slice left and the other person beside you grabbed them before you did and damn, you had to wait for the next batch.
Hey don't fret. The meat cooks faster than you think.


bugsybee said...

Bulgogi's one of my favorites. There's a local Korean resto here and each time I walk in, the waiter already knows what I'm going to order.
Problem here is where to get paper-thin slices of beef. :(

ting-aling said...

Bugsy, I tried it once. It wasn't as good as when you buy it from the Korean Store pero okey na rin. The trick is half freeze the chunk of meat first and then use a really really sharp knife to shave the meat.

dexiejane said...

i LOOOVE bulgogi. ahhh, the spicyness. gutom tuloy

ting-aling said...


Kristen said...


i was wondering if you could tell me the name of the cast iron grill and if there is a place i can find it. my boyfriend has been searching and searching and come up with nothing, so i am trying to lend a hand. anyway, google turned up your blog. i'd really appreciate it!


dykker5502 said...

The purpose of the water is to keep temperature down so the meat won't burn. Keep in mind that the bolgogi pan is supposed to be used over open fire - not a stove. The water will over time during the cooking absorb meatsauce and turn into a very delicious sauce you can pour over the rice. Makes them hard to eat with sticks though n:-)