Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Spicy Seafood Soup

Back in the Philippines, I have never really been adventurous as far as cooking is concerned. If the recipe is called Pinakbet, I'd stick with what should be included in a pinakbet. If a sinigang calls for tamarind soup base, i'd stick to the tamarind soup base. And if the ingredients are not available, i'd change my mind and cook another one where ingredients are available.

It was only when I have tried other ethnic recipes that I have learned that you shouldn't live in a box. I can cook a spicy soup like the one above with basically nothing but leftovers. Whatever is found in the cupboard, I'd live with. Take the case of this recipe. I cannot tell whether this is A Filipino dish or not. I used a little bit of tamarind soup base, a handful of calamari squid, a handful of prawns, a few slices of carrots, a few oyster mushroom and a few snow peas. I had fish sauce to put a little flavour to it, lots of ginger, a bit of chili powder. It was enough to keep my hubby happy.

I wonder if anyone (except Sassy) has tried making a sinigang out of what we call "Baguio Vegetables" in the Philippines. I told my sister about it but all she asked me was "anong lasa?"(how does it taste like) with a little skepticism in her tone. Oh well, she's got to try it so she knows what I'm talking about. There'd be a lot of cooking lessons for my sister when we go home this Christmas.


Bokbok said...

well I can say is, it looks good!!!

...and i'm sure it tastes as good as it looks!


watson said...

Baguio vegetables. Sounds family! I just got back this morning. In the market, on weekdays, you can buy 5 kinds of vegetables in generous portions at only 100 pesos. I'm not sure if this is good (you can buy lots for a hundred!) or bad (not many buyers, so bentang palugi?), but that's how it is right now. Prices resume to "normal" mode in weekends.

matilda and me said...

hay, ting...yummy naman! i think this is a pinoy dish...pinay ang nagluto eh! hehehe, parang if you cook spaghetti, that wouild make it pinoy na...(me dumb dumb!)heheh dont bother checking my blogger account, i just used that because i couldn't post my comments in blogger blogs---walang laman yun! hehehe...have a great weekend, my dear! hugs!

matilda and me said...

si annabanana ito...baka kasi malito ka! ;D

ting-aling said...

It does, Ms. Boksie. If you're into spicy food like me, ah, it's awesome.

Watson, that's a sad plight for the vendors. But yes, I used "Baguio vegetables" here.

Hey Annabanana. Of course kahit saang sulok ka magtago, sumisilip pa rin si Matilda kaya alam kong Matilda and Me is you.

Pero Filipino dish nga 'to kasi Pilipino ang nagluto..hahahaha

dexiejane said...

that's what i love about cooking, you can experiment with pretty much everything :)

looks good. have a great weekend!

marezone said...

Delicious, especially on a chilly night!