Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sinigang Na Baka with Okra, Radish and Long Beans

It's been a year since I started my food blog. About this time last year, I cooked the same recipe but with different vegetables in it. It must have been the weather. I got bolder with my recipes. Food blogging has really evolved. When I first started, I was only a Sassy fan. Manang Kusinera was I believe the second Filipina food blogger I have come to know. I could be wrong but I could only count them with my ten fingers. And then JMom had hers. She first featured her harvest from her garden and then she took a rest. There was someone else from Taiwan(her name eludes me) and then she moved. I lost track of her afterwards.

Celiak is one who comes to mind. She initially started her blog more for her kids' use. Slowly, Sassy was introducing other Pinay Food Bloggers through her blog including Stel.

Now I cannot keep track of all the Pinoy food bloggers anymore. And dami natin. I do visit your sites guys even if you don't find your site on my list. Minsan, nalilimutan kong i-note yung sites niyo.

Here's my anniversary recipe. Sinigang na Baka with Okra, Radish and Long Beans. The process is really easy. Make sure that your beef is tender , really tender before you add your vegetables and sinigang broth. The trick is cook your vegetables first before you add the sinigang broth.


Toni said...

Yum! Okra in my Sinigang... I haven't tried that yet. Will do now! Thanks for the tip!

dexiejane said...

that looks really good. i wish i'm not allergic to okra. i cna always make it sans the okra, right? :)

ChichaJo said...

Looks yummy! Happy anniversary! :-)

ting-aling said...

Toni, 'got the idea form Sassy. Try it. It's really good. The radish was my idea. Masarap din.

Dexie..'haven't heard of anyone allergic to okra. You should try it.

Thanks Chichajo

Thess said...

Happy Blogniversary, Ting! 'Here's wishing you more happy blogging years to come, cheers mate!

hmmm, sinigang..sarap!

btw, salamat sa bday greeting ^_^


Bokbok said...

Happy anniversary, Ting!


cathcath said...

my favorite. and okra is okra even in english.
di ba?

celia kusinera said...

Happy Anniversary, Ting!!
Ang dami talaga nating nag simulang mag blog around this time.
And that sinigang is making me drool. yum!

JMom said...

Oh, you just gave me an idea! and made me hungry too :-) Okra from my garden have started coming in, this recipe would be perfect!

Ardythe said...

Long beans? As in sitaw the string beans? Ü

I looooooooove sinigang.

rolly said...

happy anniversary to your blog, ting. i don't know what's with sinigang pero parating winner yan lalo na sa mga bata. Syempre winner din sakin yan, lalo na't baka.

the Enemy said...

fellow foodie i see :) continue sharing your pinoy recipes!

ting-aling said...

Thess, thank you and you're welcome.

Thanks Bok!

Cathy, I think so. Okra or ocra.

I know Celia and it was fun going around di ba?

I know JMom. You'll be harvesting soon again. Around this time anyways.

ting-aling said...

Adrythe..yup..long beans, is sitaw..

Tito Rolly, thank you.

Grinch..I went back to your site and found out your a foodie as well. Hope to see more of you around.

bugsybee said...

Hi Ting! Naku, late na naman ako ... parang "the late bugsybee" :) but HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to a blog that makes me perpetually hungry!

Bee Cam said...

Hi Ting,

Just found out you site last week. I love your entries. You make me drool and insanely hungry.