Thursday, January 27, 2005

Fried Smelts

Dipped in eggs and dredged in flour seasoned with salt and then deep fried is just one way of cooking this variety of fish commonly found in North American waters. That's just how our friend prepared it in one of our occasional gatherings. I usually buy the gutted ones and cook them in salt and vinegar (paksiw style) before frying them. My friend does not bother gutting them anymore believing the water is clean. He fished these himself. Usually, there is a season when we can go fishing and it's not just Filipinos who fish this variety. I might have an idea how the Vietnamese cook theirs..same way as the Filipinos do but I am curious how the Italians cook them. Any idea?

Yes, in summertime, the Italians go to our shores with pails and wine to dine and fish.


sachiko said...

Hello! My name is Sachiko and I just started blogging last year.
Hope you don't mind if I link your site with mine. It is much easier for me to read your cooking blog to improve my skills and also for my Japanese readers to know our native dishes. Regards and thank you!

ting-aling said...

Oh Sachiko, thanks for the visit. Please link away. I do visit your blog very often. 'known you from Beng and Thess' blogs.

schatzli said...

Deep fry with other small fish.. FRITTO MISTO DEL GOLFO

ting-aling said...

Hi Scha, (couldn't spell your name right--pilipit pa ang dila ko). thanks for the visit and thanks for the info re Italian wasy of cooking smelts. Will visit your blog soon.