Saturday, January 01, 2005

Satay and Sausages

This' got to be one of my favorite kitchen helpers. Although winter is a little mild this year, I still find the temperature outside to be freezing cold. Preparing the grill outside would be the last thing I will do even though the whole family voted for barbecue as our quick and easy New year's fare. This is smokeless and believe me, it does not leave smelly odors in the kitchen afterwards. It is dishwasher safe too but I never dared use the dishwasher to keep this clean.

If you looked at this platter, you'll think that this was a lot for four. I must be a quick learner(or the other way around). You see, over the years, being a Filipino I noticed that it is customary that we prepare 10 times more than what our expected guests can eat with the idea that our guests would be able to bring home some of the leftovers. I used to love taking home leftovers myself but I also noticed that we Filipinos prepare almost the same recipes every ocassion.

Party going for me started as early as December 11th. By the time Christmas was here, I was just so tired of all the leftovers that I had to literally throw them in the garbage. I was damned right not to buy meat last December(except for my roast). I knew it.

So this new year's eve, I grilled 3 bratwurst sausages, 3 pieces of longanisa (native Filipino sausage), skewered a few prawns and just a quarter lb of chicken breast and 6 pieces of chicken wings. The prawns and the chicken were not marinated. I prepared a satay sauce.

The feeling is so satisfying after the ocassion to think that the food was just enough and there are no science projects happening in the fridge two weeks from now because of all the leftovers that you knew were not going to be consumed afterall. I saved myself from toiling and from wasting food and money too. Okay, i'll settle for the word frugal to describe me for now.


JMom said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

What a novel idea, to grill for New Year! You're right winter has been rather mild this year. We couldn't believe how warm it is. We didn't realize till we woke up this morning that we had left a couple of windows open and didn't even turn on the heater. When was the last time that happened on New Year? :) I'm not complaining though.

ting-aling said...

Same here JMom considering what the rest of the people in Asia had to go through.

SiaoChaBoa said...

Heheh!! yer sound so much like me.. feeding everyone.. to the fullest.. :)