Saturday, January 08, 2005

Fruit Salad

You will find this dessert in almost all Filipino parties. I do not know why, but this seems to be a must have in every occasion in our family anyway.

In my daughter’s class when she was still in elementary, each student was asked to bring to school a dish native to their country of origin one day. My daughter did not have a hard time coming up with the idea. She right away came up with the fruit salad idea. And she also prepared it herself. What was neat was her teacher compiled the recipes and they all had a copy of the compilation including our Filipino Fruit Salad.


1 can of Fiesta Fruit Cocktail
1 jar of sweet kaong (any color)
1 jar of nata de coco
2 tbsp of mayonnaise
1 cup of whipped cream
raisins (optional)
fresh fruits (like grapes and apples)

Drain fruit cocktail, sweet kaong and nata de coco and pour in a big mixing bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients mix everything. Cool in the fridge preferably overnight.

Others, add condensed milk in theirs but I find the nata de coco and the kaong sweet already. Also, others add cheese. I substituted cheese with mayonnaise in mine.


fish fish said...

I like with mayonnaise too... but caloric bomb. So, substituting with yogurt instead. :P

SiaoChaBoa said...

Like fish, fish.. i love the mayo too.. just not the extra pound... i'm packing.. heheh!!
Love the salad.. :)

Thess said...

I haven't tried making this with mayo...thanks for the tip Ms. Ting

but I must wait for few months before making this..I'm too fat now and must stay away from such for a while.

Great week ahead!

JMom said...

Hi TingAling! You know my girls LOVE our fruit salad. Even my in laws are now converts. They've never tasted the kaong and nata de coco before, but they liked the texture. This recipe is now in Jade's domain in our kitchen. I'll have to tell her about the mayo, I too had never heard that done before. We'll have to try it next time.

Toni said...

Mayo? That's the first time I've heard that but I won't knock it till I've tried it! :) My cousin puts cheese in his salad too AND corn bits! Yummy!

eye said...

pag may pinoy party dati sa ireland, naiintriga lagi mga irish kung bakit daw natin nilalagyan ng cream/mayo ang fruit salad, pero in the end eh mapapa-comment lang sila na masarap daw pala talaga ;)

Bokbok said...

I love fruit salad! The first time I tried to prepare this, I put in cherries, trouble was everything turned red! haha!

marezone said...

Mayo?! I'll have try the next time we make fruit salad. We usually do the cream cheese and condensed milk mix. Some friends and I have discussed our favorite fruit salads, we all agree that it's to taste as well in reference to what we grew up with. Any way you make fruit salad is great!

Beng said...

Mommy Ting, ayan ka na naman...ang lupit moooo! Alam mo kong bakit? Calorie bomb yang masarap mong fruit salad ;) bin auf diet.

ting-aling said...

I think we all had to say about the calories this recipe had to give..pack them in girls..just kiddin'. Thanks everyone for the comments

ting-aling said...

I meant we all had something to say with the calories..sorry guys, I'm on a time crunch here.

dark horse said...
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