Monday, January 03, 2005

Roast Beef

I love roast beef! The butcher was quite surprised when I ordered a 4 ribber for 4. You see, John the Butcher has not seen me personally but we talk over the phone. Over the years we always get our prime ribs from him. I place the order but it is my husband who usually picks up my orders from him. I do not blame him for being surprised. I ended up splitting the cut into two and saving the other part for an upcoming birthday.

I placed my order really early this year. Prime Ribs go fast especially at John's store. Everytime I order, John does not forget to remind my husband how long I am supposed to cook it in the oven. This year, I decided to write it down here so I can tell John the next time to skip reminding me how long I am supposed to cook it.

For prime ribs, you are supposed to cook it in the oven for 30 minutes per pound so that the outer side does not burn while the inside is still raw. You also want to keep your roast juicy and tender. 1 rib is approximately 2.5 lbs. Pre-heat your oven at 250. Because I had a 2 ribber, I put the ribs 2 1/2 hours before serving at 250 for the first 2 hours. Half an hour before our dinner, I raised the temperature to 350. My daughter had the outer part for a well done and the rest of us had the inner part for medium rare.
I only rubbed the outer side of the rib with rock salt so we could taste the real flavour of the beef. No garlic or cracked peppercorns.
I served it with gravy, horseradish and honey dijon.


SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey..Ting-aling.. :)
I love roast beef too.. but i never tried using prime ribs.. :) Yours look so delicious.. i'm gonna try it sometime.. :)

Thess said...

Happy New Year Ms. Ting!!

This roast beef looks yummy!! I have never ever tried making this. Maybe I should huh? ^_^

JMom said...

Sarap naman! But this is another of my phobias, cooking prime rib. I'm always afraid I'll ruin a good cut of meat by overcooking it. So I've just been letting the restaurants do it for me :). I might try what you did though, and just get a small piece, that way if I mess up it won't be so bad.

celia kusinera said...

Nakaka-indak naman dito ... el bimbo el bimbo ... bimbo bimbo ... lalalala-lala-lala ...

Ah este ... as I was saying, the 2 of you of Stel telling us how to cook prime rib we will definitely make us roast it perfectly first time around, di ba Jmom?

ajay said...

oh my, looks yummy. the prime rib is my choice for last meal on earth:) hope i could do a roast one of these days like you did