Sunday, January 02, 2005


One thing I learned to do this season was to prepare only a few slices of everything for appetizers and saved the rest for the coming days to come. I know the person helping me at the grocery store was not pleased with me for ordering just a few gms of each item of the red meats. I tried to be a bit diplomatic everytime she had to carry the whole piece of each ham only to slice 50 gms for me. I just said to myself that I was only going to be 2 minutes more.

Anyhow, I managed to squeeze in olives stuffed with provolone cheese, a few slices of swiss cheese, a few slices of havarti, cubes of cheddar cheese, a few pieces of smoked cocktails, cherry tomatoes and a few gms of honey ham, forest ham and pastrami in my tiny plate. It does look big but believe me, that plate is tiny.

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SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. Tina-aling.. :)
Yer so rught about the appetizers.. for chloe's birthday.. i had a full tray left.. the only person who touched it was my BIL ..Richard.. and we were left with so much meat.. that we had to stuff our faces.. with alot every morning.. for breakfast..and watever we can .. for lunch and dinner..for a whole week.. :(
Boy .. was i glad .. when the last piece was gone.. :)