Wednesday, June 15, 2005


These avocadoes were smaller than the medium navel oranges that we bought. I was telling my children that in the Philippines, these avocadoes would have been 3 times this size. What was amazing was how expensive these avocadoes are where I am. A piece was almost equivalent to Php 45. In the Philippines, I could have had as many as I wanted for free, right in my grandmother's backyard.

Back in the Philippines, avocadoes are eaten as a dessert. Right, where you just add sugar and evaporated milk in the middle where the seed came from and then scoop the flesh with a spoon, making sure that by the time your done eating, the milk and the sugar are gone as well. I have yet to think of a time when we used it in salads. As I moved outside of the Philippines, I discovered that you can do other things with avocadoes other than having it for dessert.

Others make guacamole for chips, some use them for sushi and still others mix them in salads. My father mushes them though in a glass complete with condensed milk.
Avocado is high in cholesterol but it is the good cholesterol we are supposed to have. Phew!


TaLhey said...

growing up, that's one of our fave dessert after an afternoon nap. but now, for some reason i don't have the urge to eat it that way again. maybe if i eat it with my siblings again just like old times, hahaha. happy weekend =D.

Sari-Sari Winkel said...

i could not also bring myself to buy the avocadoes here. they are just very expensive, almost equivalent to P100 per piece! however, i guess there is really no sense doing the conversions--pero nanghihinayang pa rin talaga ako. my mom used to prepare a similar recipe as you wrote, and i would eat loads of it for merienda.

schatzli said...

hay the first time my husband saw me eating avocadoes with sugar and milk he was like what are you doing? ahahhaa

Tin said...

i miss avocadoes with milk and sugar, too! we have them here in Sing, but i never attempted to buy.

hmm, you made me crave for avocadoes now. hehe.

Pinay Rosas said...

Glad to know it's the good cholesterol we get from I can pig out on it. Lol. I bought a little tree, but have not yet transplanted it...when I do, it'll take time before I can harvest the fruits of my labor. Lol. I just stumbled on this site via The Ca t. So, I thought I'd check it out...good I learned something.
In my house in the Phil. we scoop the meat of the avocado mix it with a glass of milk and yummy...good merienda.


bugsybee said...

Avocado is my number one favorite! And syempre may sugar and milk. Pag wala, huwag na lang. Pinay na pinay talaga.

ting-aling said...

talhey, this is what my children remember about the Philippines..or just peeling the avocadoes slicing them into 4 and dipping the slices in sugar.

Hi Sari..100 pesos? Oh my, they are more expensive there then.

Sha..I don't think that we are not the only ones who eat avocadoes with milk and sugar. I think the Brazilians and the Koreans do to. My officemate was relating earlier that her Korean student apparently told her the they in Korea eat them with sugar and milk..anyone who can vouch for this?

ting-aling said...

Hi Tin. Oh, I hope you have them readily available in Singapore now that you're craving.

Hi Mev..same here, same here. Thanks for the visit.

ting-aling said...

Hi too. I cannot avocado with milk and sugar.