Monday, June 13, 2005


Sometimes it is more expensive to prepare this at home than to buy it from your favorite restaurant. However, we were so desperate to have something to munch on while watching TV one night and I just threw in whatever I found in my fridge.

I love preparing Greek Salad and so it wasn't difficult to find tomatoes and olives in my fridge. I also was in luck to find a teeny weeny bit of sour creme from a lasagne I earlier cooked. I'm also a lover of Ceasar's Salad, thus the bacon bits. Melted cheese!!! Yes, that's what I missed. It was fun and I am sure my family did not mind.

Remember to put the chips in the oven toaster for about 10 minutes at 250 just to keep them crunchy. Finely chopped green onions and mild salsa add a lot of zing to your nachos. Chili Beans are also helpful. If ever you cook chili con carne and have some left-overs no matter how small the amount is, I recommend that you put them in a Ziploc and toss them in the freezer. They might come in handy on desperate nights when convenience stores are already closed and you're just craving for nachos.


ajay said...

wowee! nachos made from scratch..this sure looks good. i always mean to try them at home..maybe this post will finally inspire me. And the seafood kare-kare sure looks heavenly. Yum yum:)

Beng said... may check ur "the great marreros blog" hugssss.

stefoodie said...

i LOVE homemade nachos! this is my "sneaky snack food" -- i'm the only one allowed to have it because of cheese allergies in the family, if someone sees me eating it all hell breaks loose kasi they need to have some. makiki-cybersnack na lang muna ako dito:)

MrsT said...

I agree with you .. about much cheaper just buying it sometimes.. :) and alot easier too.. hahaha!! But being able to whip up something without having to dress up.. and drive somewhere to get it.. is best .. for the husband anyways.. right..?? hahhaha!!

ting-aling said...

Hey, thanks Ajay!

Thanks Mutti!

Munch in Stef..

Hey Mrs. Tweety..sometimes..but I also get paranoid with the things they put in commercial nachos especially if you hear about the stories of how unhygeinic the employees are.