Thursday, June 30, 2005

Strawberry Smoothie

Just around the block where we live is a newly opened Bubble Tea store. When I first tried its stuff, I was totally hooked to it. You see, we live just "across the bridge". That's how we intimately call our place when we talk to our friends who live at the other end. Across the bridge from us is very Metropolitan, where real business happens. On our side is where all the people working in the metropolitan area go home to at the end of the day. We are centrally located in this city.

Back to the bubble tea store. Because we live right in the heart of the city, after dinner, we'd go out for a walk and more often than not, spend a few bucks at this bubble tea store. I once watched intently how they made their smoothies. Well, there was nothing complicated about it. A tablespoon of caramelized sugar, strawberry flavored syrup, a few strawberries, a few ice cubes and a couple of tablespoons of Coffeemate Creamer. Turn the blender on for about 2 minutes and voila..sttrraaawwberryyy smooothie!

Coffee Creamer? Oh, so that's why it was so tasty! That just put me off actually. I love fresh milk in mine. So what I did just before the onset of summer where strawberries were in abundance was bought tons of strawberries and froze them. I am guessing that they will be gone just before autumn. My son has become an expert on preparing this that just right after dinner, he'd be offering to serve you a glass of strawberry smoothie.

There is no set measurements when making a smoothie but here's a more or less workable guide:

To make 4 glasses you will need to put the following into the blender:

12 pcs or more of frozen strawberries
4 glasses of 1% milk
a few cubes of ice cubes

Turn your blender on until the strawberries and the ice cubes have turned into what else but a smoothie?

I do not add sugar to our smoothie.


dexiejane said...

that's sounds perfect right about now. cool and refreshing. and it looks pretty too :)

ting-aling said...

Try adding vanilla flavoured yoghourt to it Dexiekins..yummy!!