Sunday, June 05, 2005

Black Eye Beans with Katuray

I was a little bold with this recipe. I cooked some black eye beans with a piece of smoked hock the night before but forgot to buy the vegetables appropriate for this kind of beans (if there is such a term). In the meantime, I asked daughter to prepare some katuray and tomatoes as a side dish. Daughter obliged but we were both running out of time. In half an hour, we were supposed to be at her school for a concert. It was too late to run to the grocery store to buy some vegetables.

I tried being creative. I sauteed the tomatoes and onions and then added the beans and the sliced hocks. I added the katuray and seasoned the dish with bagoong. Ah, I am glad I did it. It was such a perfect combination.


Beng said...

hello mommy, i would luv to try to cook this one here but what kind of veggie is Katuray?

santi said...

Ako rin madalas kong marinig yang katuray, pero di ko alam kung nakakita na ako o hindi pa. Paborito ko rin ang mga gulay.

JMom said...

Ayan ka na naman, nang iingit! :-) Ang tagal ko ng hindi nakatikim ng katuray, I almost forget now. My lola used to fix something similar with beans, but she also added ginger, and the broth was delicious! Padala ka naman ng left overs...

Thess said...

ms. ting, ano ba yung katuray? vegie ba sya o bulaklak? na curious talaga ako dito sa recipe mo!

abt. the merlot wine ur hubby bought, I think that's an excellent choice. I've bought this wine guide book, followed one of it's advice- that is to forget the french wine for a while and try australian or austrian' glad i did! - australia does produce full bodied, rich in aroma red and wonderful white...maganda lupa at sagana sa araw...won't you try turtle creek as well? try the other yellow tails too ;)

-parang ad ng wine ano? ;)

thess (eetsmakelijk)

ting-aling said...

Mutti Beng, Santi and Thess..halata yatang hindi kayo tiga north hehe..

Nagulat din ako na hindi pala kilala ang katuray sa other parts of the Philippines ano? They actually thrive in warm areas kasi I have never seen any in Baguio. We buy them in the market but they're grown in the "lowlands".

JMom, help me out here please. From what I can remember, they are flowers of a medium tree..parang puno ng atis kataas..

I will have to research for you guys.

Thess, ha, I will remember your tip on the wine.

JMom, you know when I cook a recipe like this, I always have you in mind. I just wish that they'll let it go at the border. Someday, you might just find a box on your doorstep..

stefoodie said...

oh my gosh, where the heck did you find katuray in your area? i've been wanting to try this forever and am now thinking of growing it next year (if it can be grown in my area). the scientific name is sesbania sesban for those who wanted to know.

ting-aling said...

Stef, I would think Katuray would survive in your area. It's the perfect place actually. I did some researching and I believe that they grow this in Australia as well.

The one I had was imported from Hawaii.