Friday, June 03, 2005

Salmon and Halibut Fish Trims

When I first moved to this other side of the world, the world's western hemisphere quite a few years ago, fish heads and tails were being discarded or sold for fishing or crabbing purposes. You can even get them for free from the fish market if you were friends with the vendor.

Time surely changed. As more Asian immigrants arrived, the vendors have learned that there was gold in these trims. I used to frequent a tourist spot downtown for these trims. However, last summer, I was stunned that they were sold out first thing in the morning on sunny weekends. It used to be that the trip was all worth it. We had to take a ferry from our parking across to the island.

Anyway, someone asked me what I was going to do with all these "nothing-but-fish bones" thingies when I was buying them. I told her that I could cook a lot of dishes like salmon adobo, fisherman's stew, and many more. They were not mere fish bones. They were salmon and halibut fish bones and lots of flesh on them. The fishbones on the picture was enough for a potful of fisherman's stew.

I gave her my blog address and told her to go see my recipes. I hope I have contributed something to humanity by doing this.


TECHGUY (hinde guapo pero medyo bastos) said...

uy ulo-ulo masarap diyan sinigang sa miso

ting-aling said...

Oh, I will try that..manong!

rolly said...

Wow! Halibut. That's one of my favorite fish. When I was there and we'd eat in a restaurant, yan ang parati kong ino-order. kahit na anong luto.

schatzli said...

i was talking to a greek friend of mine today how much i love the head of the fish he then said WHO DOESNT. HE LOVES THE CHEEK TOO!

my amrican friends who joined us for dinner nearly fainted when I told them how yummy the head is!

MrsT said...

I know what you mean about the fish trim. We have the same thing here about the heads too. I never get to see a fish head.. much less eat the cheeks .. that i absolutely love.

ting-aling said...

Oh Mrs. T, how I wish I could send you some.