Monday, September 20, 2004

Free Night

There are weekend nights when my husband and I declare as free nights. That is, we can eat anywhere in the house, in front of the television, inside our rooms, in the dining….just anywhere we feel comfortable. We can eat anything we find inside the fridge and cupboard like cheese, or we can make a sandwich, we can cook anything we feel like eating, anything. We can drink anything, chocolate, coffee, milk, wine, tea, hard drinks. ..anything. It’s a free night. It’s something we always look forward to, where we don’t have to sit down and watch our table manners or talk about what’s gone on during the day, etc. It is more like an indulgence night when we don't have to worry about what we eat.

Last Saturday night, we called it a free night. We rented the movie “Home on the Range”. I know it’s for kids but we liked it. We declared it a free night and surprisingly we all wanted something light, no love stories, no war movies..just something light.

Last Friday night, I brought home some taco shells that we did not finish at the office. They came with the salsa and sour cream. Bonus! I grabbed a tomato from the grocery store when we went out to borrow the movie. I forgot the olives and I had none left in the fridge. Oh well, I had quick melt cheese. I grabbed a few bottles of coolers, my husband had Heineken for himself.

So this is what I made for myself. “Tachos”. I toasted the taco shells a bit. Everybody had a boodle fight with my “nacho” invention. They had nothing in mind to get from the fridge. Actually, my daughter had tuna with crackers but she didn’t want to take pictures of her “food tripping”.

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