Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Indonesian Soup

Something I had in Jakarta last year. It's basically like our sinigang sans sinigang broth, seasoned with fish sauce and some cayenne powder. Dont' ask me what it's called. Not a lot of Malaysians know how to speak in English. I just know that this is called Udang something..something. I noticed that not a lot of people cook dinner there. There are ambulant vendors going around the blocks selling cooked dishes at night ala "paanndeessal" for us in the morning (know what I mean?). There's one area near the city center where during the day it's a sidewalk. However, as soon as it gets dark, you would think you're lost because the sidewalk is gone and makeshift tents are up.
A few hours away from Jakarta, there is a place like Baguio, foggy at times and cold and it has massive tea plantations. Tea in Jakarta is equivalent to softdrinks in the Philippines, pop in Canada and soda in the US. They have it in bottles and they're called Teh Botol. I think it means bottled tea. I forgot the name of the place but it will come to me. Up there, there's a restaurant for tourists and they serve fried gold fish. I swear it's gold fish(I read it in the menu)and as big as a tilapia but my brother in law said it's not actually a gold fish. When I went to the washroom, I saw a huge aquarium fillled with gold fishes, only bigger than the gold fishes I see in home aquariums. It tasted good dipped in kecap manis (sweet soy), fresh crushed chilis and sliced tomatoes.
I am proud of our Filipino dishes. You have to live in Indonesia to appreciate the people's specialties. They also have sup buntut which I am planning to learn how to cook. If I get lucky, I will post it hear but I will first have to ask my sister-in-law to translate the recipe for me.


JMom said...

I wonder if this dish is similar to 'pesa'? I have a filipino friend who is bisaya, and she cooks her fish this way all the time. Just like sigang, but without the sourness. I am only used to sigang, so I was leery about how it would tast, but was actually pretty good.

ting-aling said...

JMom, it is pesa technically sans tomatoes and onions and ginger. Pero lots of cayenne.