Monday, September 13, 2004

Things you will find in my freezer

Once in a while I would check my freezer to make sure that there are frozen foods I need to discard just because they have been there forever, you know what I mean? This weekend, I went through the pile and these were the stuff I found:

Blueberries in 2 cup measurements

I made sure that I kept a lot of blueberries this summer. Whenever we go to a potluck party in fall and winter, blueberry cheesecake is a popular request for me to bring. My friends probably knew that I had a supply of frozen blueberries. Well, last year, I was a show off and made 2 pans of cheesecake on one occasion. On top of that, my daughter who was in a Food course learned how to make scones. These just brought my supply down to puffftttt.

Strawberries, whole and sliced also in 2 cup measurements

This was just by accident. I normally do not freeze strawberries but because they were on sale this year, I just bought a few first. And then they were getting cheaper and cheaper and so I was enticed on buying some more. My kids got all so “strawberried-out” that they were left on the kitchen counter bound to rot. I washed and cleaned them and put them in the freezer. One day, my son started digging in the freezer for something to make into a shake. Well he found the strawberries so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to store some more before they disappear from the shelves.

Bag of Lima beans

I love putting lima beans in my pinakbet. I bought a bag and I couldn’t use them all in one cooking so I put them in the freezer for tonight. Yes, I’m having pinakbet for tonight.

Tomato Sauce

Yes, this is the canned tomato sauce that I cannot use again in one cooking. There are recipes that sometimes call only for 1 half of the can. I don’t want to put the whole can in just because it is going to ruin the taste of my recipe. I first put them in containers and are left to create a science project inside the fridge. I didn’t feel good about putting things into waste so one day I decided to put the excess sauce in a freezer bag, tied it with twisties and then on to a square or round container and threw it in the freezer. Once it hardened, I pulled the bag off the container and left the bagged sauce in the freezer for future use.


These are expensive when not on sale so I just buy them when they are. They make quick and easy recipes or simply just “pangsahog” when you run out of meat.

Smoked Salmon

I make chowder a lot and smoked salmon make good enhancer to my chowder. Just because I live around the coast, we get quite a bit of salmon around this time of the year. I order them from a Filipino friend who works for a fishing company. This is my favorite pasalubong when we go home to the Philippines or when we have relatives coming over for a visit.

There are other practical recipes I freeze for rainy days. I got the idea of freezing from my boss’ wife who is a pro. She seems to freeze everything.
Unfortunately I don’t remember doing this in the Philippines because of the frequent power outages. When we were there for Christmas vacation one time, there was just a massive power outage probably because of the holiday overload and we were forced to cook everything in our freezer either as adobo or paksiw.


JMom said...

Ting Aling, please post the recipe for the blueberry cheesecake when you make it. I love cheese cake, but haven't had much luck making them. Good thing Cheesecake Factory opened a branch nearby :)

ting-aling said...

JMom, will do. The latest would be Thanksgiving..would that be okey?

Manang said...

Ting, oo nga, please post blueberry cheesecake recipe, if possible with step-by-step photos complete with tips and no-nos. I once (just once!) tried making chocolate cheesecake and it was a disaster, I myself could not take it (usually if my experiment turns out a failure, I eat it all week so as not to waste it, but this time I could not stomach it!) so I had to throw it into the trash can, quite unwillingly.

ting-aling said...

Susubukan ko Manang, pero marami pa akong pag-aaralan sa computer. Papasuk na rin kasi ako bukas so baka medyo mapapabagal ang aking pagbisita.

JMom said...

That's Ok with me, I have you bookmarked, so I will be checking your site regurlarly. Thanksgiving is soon enough, just in time for holiday baking. Good luck in your studies.