Thursday, September 23, 2004

the Real Pomegranates this time.

Curiosity almost killed me. I owe JMom an apology. The one I showed earlier as pomegranate here was actually a dragon fruit. I got a refund for being charged the price of a pomegranate when it was actually a dragon fruit. How did that happen? When I went to another grocery store today, I noticed they had pomegranates which looked different from what I thought was one. Curiosity got the better of me again. I knew I got the right stuff this time because it had a code on it. I bought it of course to try it for the nth time. I sometimes keep my receipts just in case I need to return some stuff and I was lucky I kept this particular receipt for the "fake" pomegranates. The real one was still not so appealing to me. Thanks JMom for pointing it out. I did go back to the grocery store on that day you mentioned it. They still had the "pomegranate" sign.


JMom said...

Hey Ting, no apologies needed :) You sound as obsessive as I am, when I get someting in my head. HaHa! Yep, you got it right this time.

One way my sisters and I enjoy this fruit is "kinulog" style. We used to do this with "lomboy" (I forget the tagalog name for it, that's what we call it in ilokano) it's the blue fruit that looks like grapes. Anyway, we used to put them in a bowl, sprinkle some salt on them, cover with a plate, then you "kulog" (shake) it. Do the same with the pomegranate, take all the seeds off from the fruit and place in a bowl. Makes eating it easier too!

ting-aling said...

Duhat is the word. Oh the pomegranate is gone. My son had a feast on it. He liked it apparently. Yes, my son is the type who dips grapefruit, mango, etc. in suka.