Friday, November 19, 2004


I do not exactly know the name of this dish but it was my SIL from Ilo-ilo who introduced this to me. Of course when she cooked it, the outcome was not the way she wanted it to look like so she never cooked it again. I know she called it "Adobado" and said it was an Ilongo dish.

When I went to the Filipino restaurant a few blocks from our place, they had this tilapia which looked close to what my SIL cooked. Out of curiosity, I ordered it even though it was a little pricey.

I bought a tilapia last night and wanted to remind my kids about this recipe. While I had Inabraw, I thought they’d like this.


Thumb sized ginger finely chopped
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 tilapia, gutted and scaled
10 tbsp of vinegar
salt to taste
dash of freshly cracked peppercorns
½ can of coconut milk
1 pcs of eggplant, sliced diagonally
about 4 pcs of jalapenos
½ cup of water
2 tsp of sugar

Lay the tilapia flat in a pan. Add the ginger, onion, vinegar, salt and pepper. Cover pan and simmer for about 10 minutes. Add the coconut milk and the eggplant and simmer further for another 5 minutes. Add water if necessary and add the sugar and the jalapeno. Cover the pan and cook for another 1 minute. Let sit for about 5 minutes. Serve.


ting-aling said...
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ting-aling said...
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ting-aling said...

I was toying with my template today and I accidentally changed my location to www.worldclasscuiscene and later on found out that I cannot go back to my old one anymore. Updates will be at www.worldclasscuiscene.blogspot.comfrom now on so please update your browsers. Thank you.

drstel said...

Hi Ting-aling! so far I am still able to use will take note of the change though.
This recipe is very exotic to me, and would love to try it out...You cover the whole archipelago's cuisine in your blog and that's so neat. BTW,what's your fave brand of coconut milk? I've been using frozen, fr. Phils., but the last one wasn't so good. Thanks!

drstel said...

How neat it is that you cover so many areas of our archipelago's something from Iloilo.
(BTW, I've had no trouble going to your blog thru the Kuwentong buhay address).
Also wanted to ask you what's your favorite coconut milk to use--I was using the frozen kind, sold in packs, fr. Phils. but the last one was a bit "curtado" (curdled??). Now I'm stumped because the canned ones have a "tinny" fake taste...

annabanana said...

my mom is an ilongga, and they like cooking with gata...i don't know if i have tried this, but i'm salivating just looking at the picture!

Manang said...

This looked very much like what my friend Ana recently cooked. She's from Davao. The only variation is that she fried the tilapia first before adding the rest of the ingredients and she did not use jalapeƱos, only the siling haba. It was so heavenly! We cooked 2 pieces then, shared with my two boys and her older daughter. The leftover was even better (but was enough only for me...haha!)

ting-aling said...

Drstel, it's Aroy-D in cans from Thailand. Ewan ko lang sa inyo pero dito sa amin, it's carried by all Asian merchants, Filipinos included.

ting-aling said...

Hi Anna Banana. Yes, my MIL is an Ilongga from Jaro. You should try this one of these days..talagang masarap. Does your husband like Filipino food too?

ting-aling said...

Manang, she fried it? You know I first had doubts that vinegar and gata would mix together. I remember when Sassy featured her kilawen with gata I was a little skeptical but when I tried it, aba hindi nga nag-cu-curdle.

eye said...

aling ting, pareho tayo ng unang inisip -- kung bagay nga ba ang suka sa gata. pero na-curious talaga ako sa recipe na ito, mai-try nga tutal fave pa naman sa bahay ang tilapia :)

ting-aling said...

eye, huwag mo lang halu-haluin ng madalas..lutuin mo like you're cooking paksiw..

Gay said...

you may want to try varying this dish a bit like my lola used to do. same procedure as yours except the eggplants are broiled, skined and mashed first before being put in with the rest of the ingredients. yummy!

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