Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bangus in Olive Oil (Spanish Style)

This is not an economical dish if you are thinking that it is. There are no exact measurements in this recipe. I have been constantly experimenting on how to lessen the use of olive oil to no avail. Whether I like it or not, I have to let the bangus swim in olive oil to be succesful.

I used approximately:

12 baby bangus(es):-) , gutted and heads and tails off. The fish should be cut into half.

6 pcs of bay leaves

about 1/2 tsp of peppercorns

about 7 pcs of chilies

1 medium carrot and

about 10 pcs of sweet pickles

about 1 tbsp of salt (you might want to add more or lessen it depending on your taste)

The amount of olive oil to be used is a little tricky, but I will explain.

Lay the fish flat in a pressure cooker. Arrange them as close to each other as possible. Add all the ingredients in. The amount of oil will depend on how well you will arrange your fish in such a way that you will only use a small amount of oil. The oil should be about 1 cm over the arranged fish. I tried cheating by adding water but it wasn't as tasty as it should if cooked with pure oil. You can add tomato sauce if you want. It is also good. It's your call. Cook for 50 minutes on slow heat from the time the pressure cooker starts to whistle.

I love leaving it in the fridge soaked in its oil for another 3 days. I call it curing. I also love it spicy like the brand "TOME" so I crush about 1 or two of the chilies. It's nice to know how spicy your chilies are because they might be hotter than you think.

If it turns out to be a little bland, try having it with bagoong. It is really good.


Thess said...

ms. ting a ling..may bangus pa ako sa freezer and ive been trying to find something new to do with it. i never had this spanish style before...paano ho ito?

thank you in advance :)

ting-aling said...

My pleasure Miss Thess. 'will post tonite. Thanks for visiting.

Toni said...

Mmmmm. Looks yummy. I usually eat my spanish sardines in olive oil straight out of a bottle. Eek!

Thess said...

Thank you!

Though wala akong pressure cooker, I will keep this recipe, maybe in the future I can afford one. Nakakasawa kasi yung pritong bangus or inadobo type..

btw, can I link you? pls let me know...and salamat din sa pagdalaw ha? ;-)

drstel said...

Ting-Aling! thanks for giving me a recipe to try the pressure cooker with...although my big problem is I have no access to baby bangus, only the big higante ones. Puwede rin? other fish kaya, like mackerel or bluefish? Salamatch! I was waiting for the recipe, picture lang nung a.m. kahapon...

ting-aling said...

Link away Ms. Thess and thanks for linking me. I'll do the same if you won't mind once I get the chance.

ting-aling said...

Drstel, the other use of my pressure cooker is for nilagang baka. I prefer using the slow cooker. I hate being pressed for time so if I intend to tenderize something and I am busy with something else, I rely on my slooowwww cooookkkkeeeerr.

celia kusinera said...

This is great. I remember in 19 kopong-kopong in Pinas we tried something similar with the pressure cooker. I was glorious!

Sassy Lawyer said...

Ooohh, I love this bangus dish. Have one on my blog too. And, yes, the spicier the better.

You're right about not being able to lessen the olive oil. The liquid becomes a broth if there is too little olive oil. ANyway, 'di ba healthy naman ang olive oil?

Out of topic, milagro mabilis-bilis mag-load ang photos ngayon. It used to take forever before your index page loads.

ting-aling said...

Hi Sassy. Sabi nila, olive oil is healthy but it is still oil..haha..I forget about it though especially if I eat the rice with the olive oil I used to cook the bangus in and I dab a bit of bagoong and lemon or calamansi on my rice..

About the images, 'didn't notice that at all but my sis said she had difficulty accessing the site..'kala ko tamad lang siya.

Anonymous said...

the bangus, do I have to remove the scales?


matt_francia said...

hi ms ting a ling! can i use pomace olive oil to make my bangus sardines instead of the pure olive oil? bec. it is more cheaper than the pure olive oil. na try ko ng gumawa ng combination ng olive at vegetable oil how come nasusunog ung bangus? please help me to cook it right without burning it. thanks!

Anonymous said...

to cook safely without burning,
1. put the bangus and all ingredients in a bowl (caserole).
2. then put it in the pressure
cooker filled with water about 1/4 to 1/3 volume.
3. the steam will cook the bangus and
thus avoid burning.
4. pressure cook in low heat for 1-1.5 hours.

about other types of cooking oil, I don't know, I have consistently used olive oil.
other types will freeze when stocked in the chiller.

happy cooking.


betsyf20 said...

hi, ms. ting a ling. i have tried this recipe before, but to my disappointment, the bottom part of my bangus stuck to the bottom of the pressure cooker and some of the skin got burned. how do i remedy this?

Powerlinked said...

This is what I did. I placed the bangus and all the other ingredients inside a pyrex bowl that can fit my pressure cooker. I use two whole bangus which i fry partially first and then remove the big bones. Then I need to sort of press them to fit he pyrex dish. Then I add the olive oil to halfway fill the pyrex dish. Then I add water to the pressure cooker and cook it for about 1 hour. The fish does not dry out because the steam from the pressure cooker also cooks it. Matipid sa olive oil.

Virginia said...

Can I use canola oil instead of olive oil? I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. THANK YOU :)

Anonymous said...

yes. I've tried it.

Anonymous said...