Saturday, November 20, 2004

Trout with Green Onions and Wasabi

The good thing with having a blog is your kids can no longer escape from the fact that they can't cook because they don't know how to. Anyway, my daughter decided to cook this herself because she was afraid I was going to make the sauce mingy-stingy again. This is really a simple one.

First, steam the trout and put in a plate ready for serving.

In a pan, heat oil and saute about 1 tcp of finely chopped ginger. Season with about 8 tbsp of light soy sauce, about 1tsp of wasabi and about 2 tbsp of knorr or maggi seasoning. Turn off stove and add green onions. Pour sauce on top of steamed fish and serve.


drstel said...

Hi Ting-aling, I'm really interested in this sauce.
Sorry for the double comment in your adobado post, the first one seemed to disappear so I re-commented, lalo tuloy ako naging makulit...happy thanksgiving!

ting-aling said...

Drstel, alam mo I think it's the best way to cook fish without compromising the quality and the taste of the fish. Onces you try it, you'll always cook fish this way. Alam mo kaya parang nawawala yung message mo, it is because of the URL..