Monday, November 15, 2004


The Koreans will probably think I did not do justice to this favorite dish of theirs. I tried my best with my friend's instructions . Here we go.


About 1 lb of thinly sliced beef
¼ light soy sauce (preferably Japanese or Korean Sauce)
1 tbsp of sesame oil
2 tsp of sugar
dash of ground black pepper
about t bsp of mirin or Korean cooking wine
1 tsp of garlic
green onion chopped finely
your choice of Kiwi, pear or apple fruit
about 1/2 tsp of sesame seeds for garnishing

Mix meat with sugar and let sit for about 10-15 minutes.

In a bowl, prepare the marinade. Process fruit in a food processor or blender until fruit becomes liquid. Pour in a bowl. Add soy sauce, black pepper, sesame oil, cooking wine. This dish is a little sweeter compared to other barbecues so you might want to add some more mirin or sugar if you want. Add the garlic. Put in fridge for at least two hours or overnight.
The Koreans have this special fryer where all the juice and fat go into a pan or a catch underneath the grill-like fryer. Unfortunately, I don’t have that so I just cooked it in my pan, stir-fry like style. The Koreans serve this with steamed rice wrapped in lettuce with a dash of hot bean paste. You too can but I preferred it with other vegetables and rice.
Before serving, garnish with sesame seeds.


obachan said...

This is something I’d like to try someday. Actually, at the Izakaya pub where I work, they have something similar to the special fryer you’re talking about. Too bad it’s too big and heavy to sneak in my bag….
BTW, I love your new template!! :)

ting-aling said...

Obachan, haha you made my day. I'm working on my template..thanks to you. I could not make the heading readable though..I still need to do lots of reading unless you are going to teach me how to.

mimool said...
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