Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sardines Omelet

I was definitely feeling a little crappy and crabby last Monday. My boss did not approve my application for a day off on Friday given that Thursday was a holiday because of Remembrance/Veterans’ Day. Prior to that, my family had a lot of plans in mind including a pajama party on Friday night. It's been a first time for almost a decade now that he has rejected my request. That explains the crappy feeling. My family is flexible. The pajama party can always be moved.

Well, this dish tells it all. I grabbed a can of sardines from the cupboard, sliced some onions, scrambled 2 eggs, mixed 2 tbsp of flour and fried it omelet style. To make it appealing, I topped it with green onions. Who could tell it was not a planned dish, huh?
Surprise of all surprises, the two rug rats had a fair. I told them that it was what my mother used to serve us if we had nothing else to eat when we were young. Ah, the two got it.


SiaoChaBoa said...

Looks so yummy.. :) Gonna have to try it sometime.. when i can get ahold of some cans of sardine.. :)
They don't have the kinda sardines.. i'm used to here.. gotta go all the way to halifax to get them.. :)

ting-aling said...

That's good Mrs. Tweety. Do you cook too?

eye said...

i'm gonna try this omelet twist when i get home. i just usually beat the eggs after mixing them with the sardines (ala sarciado).

on the other hand, what we do here is saute the sardines with either spinach or brocolli :)

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. Ting-aling.. :)
I do .. and i don't.. ;)
I only cook.. when it's absolutely necessary.. and if i am craving for my chinese food.. badly.. and i mean real bad.. heheh!! :)
It's not that i don't wanna cook.. but it's because it's so hard to find the ingredients that i need for cooking my authentic chinese food. Plus.. i have a 10mth old baby.. to care for.. so it's sometimes kinda hard to have to spend time to cook.. coz' she wants so much attention..heh!! She's an attention hogger.. my Chloe.. just like her mama.. :)

Cerridwen said...

Ms Ting, what kind of sardines? I love sardines and this is a good idea also as a camping dish. but I use the mackarel marinated in olive oil, the one in an oblong can about 2 inches high. did you also add lemon to lessen the fishyness?

ting-aling said...

Mrs. Tweety, I know what you mean..give yourself another couple of years to do what you want to do..that is if you won't have another Chloe :-)

ting-aling said...

Ms G, it was Ligo Sardines, the spicy kind..I didn't even notice that it was spicy..lemon or calamansi sounds a good idea but never even crossed my mind..I'm a fish lover so I must have been used to the fishy smell of fish now. Give that "olive oil sardines" a try and share it with us..

SiaoChaBoa said...

Nope.. no more Chloe's.. heheh!! Happy with one.. and getting too old..i'm 40 now.. :)