Saturday, October 02, 2004

Pork Sukiyaki

A choice between Chinese and Japanese dishes, my kids prefer Japanese. Not only are they easy to cook, I think they require lesser use of cooking oil. I have a friend I ask cooking instructions from occasionally and she suggested that I should try pork sukiyaki. She’s taught me how to make Inari and other sushis before. According to her, it’s really simple to make. Just get the right pork slice, get some vegetables she suggested (tofu, bean sprouts, carrots, and cabbage). She told me to cook the pork separately from the vegetables. I used sukiyaki sauce which was lighter than teriyaki to marinate the pork. I then put all the vegetables at the same time, covered the pan and stirred occasionally until done. I did not get the proper direction from her because she had difficulty expressing herself but this is how I came up with this recipe. Asking her how long should I cook the pork and the vegetables, she said she doesn’t know but she learned how to tell when it’s done by the number of years she’s been cooking it. Need I say more? Well, here’s the outcome. When I showed her the picture, she said I did just fine.

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